Is this normal or due to borderline personality? i'll answer yours in return?

im 20, and have been diagnosed by several doctors/therapists ect with borderline personality disorder. for the first time in my life im getting proper help and trying to maintain real relationships even friend wise. my question though is i've been talking to this guy since October, and sometimes i really like him. in my head hes so great and would make me happy. then within hours my feelings will completely flip, and i'll feel disgusted almost and not want him. its just when we talk i really like him. but as soon as im completely out of contact with him for a day i start to feel consumed by this unwanted feeling and therefore dont want him. are most people like this though?



This is your atypical ambiguity when it comes to relationships. This is your disorder at work. And so, just talk to your therapist about this.

Congrats on working on your disorder. I wish you every success!


yea a lot of people are like that and all you have to do is ignore that inner voice saying you don't like him.


I think it's because due to your borderline personality. You can't like person and then suddenly feel disgusted in him and then want him again. Well, at least I never met anyone who would feel like that so I don't think it's normal