Do crazy people know or suspect that they are crazy?

Do crazy people know or suspect that they are crazy?


Not really, a really crazy person believes they are just fine, and everyone else is nuts. I am not afraid of anyone who tells me that their crazy, but I am afraid of someone who is crazy and don`t know it. Oh put your shirt on before you catch cold. Ok


not always, but if they have a mental problem they will know


Obviously not if they have to ask questions about it.


I know there are times i think i am going crazy or think i'm close to the edge - so far i've always managed to catch myself though!


They say the crazy person is the last one to know....I'm not so sure about that.

I've always wondered if people can sense or detect the crazy or insanity behind my eyes. I always think about that.


Not always.

The person, though, is very likely to be dissatisfied with others in their life, who they believe to at fault for this person's problems, often believing these others to be crazy.


For the most part, no.

However, people with psychotic depression know and realize what they hallucinate is not real, and neither are their delusions. But they still believe them. It comes is bursts called psychotic episodes. Most times they are fine and can connect with reality (a bit). This makes them different from schizophrenia (aka "crazy").


Not realising that you're ill is called anosognosia. It affects people who suffer from physical health ailments as well as mental illnesses. About 50-60% of schizophrenics don't realise that they are ill. It's a little bit lower percentage for other mental illnesses.

When I first started suffering from paranoia and delusions, I diagnosed myself with schizophrenia. It turned out that I was right, but, by the time I was diagnosed by somebody else, I was so delusional that I rejected the diagnosis. On medication, I regained my insight. I think that my case is not typical, because other people don't necessarily regain their insight even if they are medicated. It does seem, though, according to my experience, that the sicker you are, the less likely you are to realise it.