Does this sound like depression..? Or something else..?

For weeks now, I've felt down all the time. Some days are worse than others, but generally, I feel AWFUL. I feel awful about myself and my life... Even when I'm out with my family or friends I feel I have to fake a smile, I just feel miserable constantly. I don't know why I'm feeling like this, but I just want it to end..... :'(

I've been to the doctor about it and they said I'm probably just stressed with schoolwork. I was SO embarrassed... This is not friggin stressed, I know what stress is - and this isn't it. I know the doctor thought I was just being a stupid, melodramatic teen......

Why am I feeling like this? And what do I do..? PLEASE ANSWER.... I just want this feeling to end :'(


Ducky, it sounds like you need to see a different doctor. Explain to him or her everything that you mentioned in here. Keep on trying until you find a doctor who is willing to help you. If it get REALLY bad, you may need to go to the hospital. In the meantime, look up Psalm 34:18 in the Bible - I find it very encouraging. I hope you get better, Ducky. Peace and a hug to you.


:( I know how you feel. Feels like you're mind and your emotions are asleep, and its excruciating to even open your mouth, or have a part in a conversation. All you can do is focus on the seemingly insurmountable, seemingly realistic obstacles in your life. If that's somewhat of an idea how you feel, then that is totally depression. But it CAN end! I think you just need to get on a good anti-depressant that works for you. That can be a lengthy task, but seriously seriously stick with it! Before you know it you'll be like "oh wait a second... I haven't even been depressed for a while now!"


That really does soud like depression, as i know from experience. Yoour doctor obviously was not listening to you. You should speak to someone about the way you are feeling maybe your mum would be a good start then she could go to the doctors with you. Dont let this carry on without getting help these feelings of depression will not go away by themselfs. Go back to the doctor make him listen, there is antidepressants that will help you through this.


Yes this does sound like depression. Change your dr and make an appt to see someone new. Write down exactly what you are feeling, how it is affecting your daily life, how you see the future- what you would like to happen/feel etc take this info with you so you remember the things that matter to you and hopefully the new dr will help you .Hormones are playing a big part of these feelings and there are a lot of people having the same feelings so don`t feel like you are on your own, this happens a lot sogo and get some help.