Leaving college because of depression?

I suppose it's all really gotten to much now, I don't think there really is a point in me staying on to do my AS-Levels because of my depression. I can't concentrate on anything, memorize anything, do my work. If I were to leave it would mean leaving the friends I've made behind, and leaving a really good college behind while staying at home, and I hate my home. However would it be better to get myself back on track, recover from this depression, have time to myself and then start at a new college all over again at the beginning of the academic year?

I really am stuck whether to stay or not, I don't think I can handle staying but I don't think I can handle going. I'm so far behind as it is, I don't see me passing anything anyway.


I'm in AS and have been feeling like that.. But for me it's more about social anxiety and paranoia as well as depression, I can't concentrate on anything at college or at home, I try hard to do the work but I can't. I'll just spend ages looking some paper or looking at a question. I think I'm going to stay and just hope for the best and do a lot of last minute revision with my sister or something. If the worst comes to the worst about work not getting done, I'll explain my reasons instead of making up an excuse.

I've thought about leaving, but then I'd have to explain to so many people why I left, or the next year why I'm a year behind, and I hate talking about things like that.

If you have friends at college like you said, then it would probably be best to stay? Being on your own is good sometimes, but I know that before I got the social anxiety, being around people I usually felt a whole lot better than when I was on my own. It could help you get back on track, depending on what you'd do with your time, but it might also make you feel worse..

Good luck (y)


Its difficult to say. I would encourage you to carry on as quitting will only isolate you from people ou have gotten to know and isolation may make your depression worse... can you go see your doctor now and start some treatment while you study? quitting i think has to be a last resort.... if you needed to are you able to retake your exams? check this before you quit. its worth knowing as least you can think you can retake them if need be.

I will recommend some kind of fish oils though. they will help your concentration and can help lift your mood, Take a high EPA (EPA is in omega 3 capsules but some only contain less than 200mg even if the capsules are 1000 omega 3 so check the back as you need to check how much of the epa is in the 1000mg of omega 3). You need to take as close to 1000mg of EPA as you can afford per day everyday for at least 2 weeks before you see any difference. I am not a doc so if your on any meds check with a pharmacist but omega 3's dont tend to have many adverse side effects as far as i can tell. I take them for depression and concentration and they work for me.

If you hate home there is no point in leaving to just sit at home with your 'black dog'. Try to carry on and see your GP and start looking at treatment. It will be hard and tough at times but it WILL get easier however it may take time. Any meds a GP gives you will take about 2 -6 weeks to start working so dont give up if you dont see any difference in a week.. keep taking them.

You will feel so proud of yourself for finishing your course and you should feel proud of yourself for studying while you feel like you do. Its hard and dont beat yoursef up over it. You will feel worse if you give up and regret it.


I think you should stay. It will mean alot of hard work, but it sounds like youve made it to far to just quit! Also if u leave, ur frends will be on your mind 24/7 and youll constantly regret leaving them!


Kepp trying! You'll never know until the end!

Pretend your depression is an enemy and you have to fight it by catching up on class work in your spare time and staying positive.


write down what's troubling you then sit back and examine each one you'd be surprised to find that 90% are what if problems and they are certainly not worth getting sick over, college only comes around once so if you in stay in, your education is worth a lot more than what if this or that happens