Is there something wrong with me?

I feel like I'm being watched 24/7 around the clock no matter where I go, it feels like someone is watching. I'm also: depressed, insomniac, racing thoughts, and panic attacks.


sounds like post traumatic stress, something unpleasant form the past is troubling you, it's just the state of mind meaning your locked into false beliefs like what if or if this should happen, next time you feel someone is watching you just say to yourself it's not there and has never been there then make a list of what's really troubling you and look at each one carefully,erase the ones that are foolish or like what if and you may be surprised to find out that almost all are erased, once you do this and concentrated on you and no one else all the rest of your symptoms will vanish


it sounds like free- floating anxiety.

idk if ur christian or not but the bible says that Jesus is the Prince of peace and there is no fear in Gods perfect love

isiah 9:6

1 john 4:18


yes,there's something wrong with you..believe me nobody is watching you 24/7..i think u need to see a doctor


No, your just like the rest of the population.


Sounds like you might have an anxiety should see a doctor to get a firm answer.


You should probably be asking a dr that if you really are that concerned instead people on yahoo.


You would probably qualify for a few mental disorders, yes.

For example, you might qualify for delusional disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, depression, etc.