How can I find public counseling to fight depression?

My cousin, friend and I have been fighting depression and desperately need to find some kind of counseling where we can talk to a therapist together so that none of us have to go in alone. I currently live on Long Island NY and am in need of help. We are trying to avoid psychiatrists and money is a definite issue. Our insurance probably doesn't cover it so what can I possibly do to find cheap if not free public counseling/talk therapy? Thanks in advance for any help.


Call 211 this is a national referral helpline. Tell the person who answers that you are looking for therapy and that is needs to be free or extremely inexpensive.

The operator will give you the names and numbers of everyone in your area that can help you.

The call is free.


you guys could use online support sites like it is free and convedential


Go looking...find the first doctors office and say I thnk I'm depressed. They should fix that.


It's probably NOT viable for the three of you to obtain counseling together. You'll need to go separately. In fact, most health insurance policies DO include "mental health" coverage. If yours does not, then you might check to see if your local United Way offers counseling on a payment schedules that depends upon your income (this service is available in many communities).