How to hide cuts on my wrist from my parents?

Ok im 14 male and a self harmer, im currently working on stopping so dnt lecture me cuz im trying, so i just slipped today cuz my first friend after trying for 9 years just told me that she wants nothing to do with me at all and doesnt want to talk to me at all, and being stupid as i am i cut my wrist instead of my legs like i always do. How do i hide this cut from my parents ( they dont know i sh ) i never wear bracelets, so they will notice something if i come down wear a breacelet, like i havet them just dont wear them and its summer and really hot so cant wear a jacket. Just tell me how to hide it dont tell me not to cut cuz i know not to. It was my first cut in days so at least give me tht


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I cut too.. my parents kinda know but what I do is long sleeved shirts/jackets.

I also use makeup though it works REALLY WELL.... you just need something that says "concealer/foundation" on it... (~5 bucks at target) get the cheap stuff it works fine, and get something that matches your skin tone on your arm... you might get one of your friends thats a girl to help you do this (: To get it to work, put it on about 1-2 times a day pretty heavily.. wait about 10 minutes for it to dry and blend into your skin tone... and you got it!


i also cut myself so i know what its like. what i do is wear a light flannel shirt with a tank top and stay inside and if i don't feel like a flannel or anything then i just put on some foundation i use for special effects. you could also just start wearing your bracelets. i used to not wear any but i also had them and one day i cut my wrist so bad That foundation wouldn't cover it. so i took one of bracelets that matched the outfit i was wearing and my parents really didn't notice at all and they are very observe. then i just kept wearing it and its a Habit now. but you could just twist you arms and hands to conceal them. that's a Habit of mine. but cutting is addictive. i know. i really cant stop. so much **** happens...gah but i hope my tips helped you

-a fellow cutter


wear a watch


get new-skin (this gross smelling paste stuff) at a convenience store. then put make up over that stuff once it dries =)


No one wears watches. You could try and use makeup to cover up? Easy enough, and not suspicious unless noticed, which is unlikely.


Life really is simple if you know how to live well. Make yourself (and others) feel good about doing the right thing, and make yourself feel bad about doing the wrong thing.

A big smiling face when you think about the right things you did, using positive images in your speech. A sour ugly face when you think about the wrong things you did, using negative images in your speech.

Dont use a sour face when you say to someone "why cant you be better?" as this would make them feel bad about being better. Dont ask me why it works that way but it just does.


I'm a cutter too! I'm trying to stop as well but sometimes its too much. When I (rarely) cut on my wrist I usually put up with the heat and wear a jacket and a light top underneath. Also you could wear sweat band when playing sports, although I find that unnatural and annoying. You could start wearing a watch as well. But over time you will naturally be used to hiding it or facing your hands down so try and start those habits. Good luck and keep strong xx


having same problem its cold right now so I wear a sweater a lot, I have not cut in years but life is getting shitty and it helps, makeup does help if its a new cut dont put makeup on it if its still open it could cause an infection then your screwed