Can't tie shoe laces and i'm 15, something wrong with me?

i'm 15 years old, and i can't tie my shoe laces, which is EXTREMELY embarrassing. Just last week, i was with my friends and my shoe lace was undone and it was annoying me but i felt bad about asking my friends, so i just left it, until i nearly fell flat on my face, so i turned to my friend and asked her to tie my shoe laces and literally like 6 people turned around in the group and laughed at me, it was so embarrassing, i just laughed along with them and acted as if nothing was wrong but when i got home i felt really shitty about myself. Is there something wrong with me? I'm not dumb, i get really good grades, also i don't know left from right. Its the most embarrassing thing in the world. I'm just not generally good with my hands or things like that, if anyone knows about a condition that would be SO helpful! thanks :)


Guess what? I'm 18 and can't do my laces either, I'm ashamed to say. When I was a kid my parents spent ages trying to teach me but I just didn't *get it*. I have an inability to tie knots as well, though I can do a tie. I can do like 70% of the process, it's just the bit at the end really confuses me. I know an 18 year old guy who can't tie his laces either, and a 21 year old girl. We're all diagnosed with different forms of autism - but dyspraxia is also a cause. It helps to know there's other people in this situation, but it's still a pain.

I don't wear shoes that have laces. I wear either velcro trainers or slip-on shoes, both of which are fairly fashionable at the moment. However, on the rare occassions I do have to wear laced-up shoes I get one of my parents to do them up for me and if they fall out of place, I stuff them in the sides. People rarely notice. However there have been embarrassing moments where I have been asked to do a toddlers laces and when I was in PE once in Year 7 (so I was like 12) I tried stuffing them in the sides, but my teacher told me to do them properly.. er, yeah, she ended up having to do them for me. I could have hit myself with a brick!

My advice: Get velcro/slip-on trainers for casual wear, or for school get formal looking slip-ons of some kind..


i learned it when I was 22


Maybe you are mildly dyspraxic?

Maybe you just haven't practiced properly, or found an easy way to do it.


Teach yourself. Quit trying to find the easy way out and stop trying to put the blame on something wrong with you


Is it that you physically cannot, or that you just don't know how? If you just don't know how, it just takes practice.


haha reminds me of my case were i weared laceless shoes all the time and if it had laces i did a knot to each ending and cutted of the extra lace.. it was ''streetwise'' this .when i wanned to change style and all i just satt down and learned it, you can do it, first 3-4 its tricky only


Don't worry, im 16 and im crap at telling my rights from my left seriously! I have to grab a pen and put it in my writing hand so i know that's my right hand ...weird i know :/ also i could only start reading the time when i was 13, and i'm still not the best at it now.

Some people find things like this really hard ... the top person could be right but maybe you just need to practice(:?

And its nothing doing with that your dumb, maybe you should talk to your parents or someone close.


Sounds like you might have a very mild form of something, not sure what tho. I would suggest as a quick fix avoiding situations that get you into bother, sticking to slip on or velcro shoes would be a good start. As for the left and right thing, i don't understand how you don't know the difference? I'm presuming you know how to write and you know wether you are left or right handed so there you go. Hope this helps.