How do i make myself need glasses?

i really want glasses and i DO NOT just want to wear plain lenses, i want to hav to wear them for medical reasons . my friends wears them, and she has just got a new pair, would wearing her old pair make me need them as well or would it not make a difference? also, any other ideas how to make my eye sight a bit worse just so i need to wear glasses constantly?




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I don't know why you really want to wear glassess. If you just want to wear them just because you thik you will look cute in them, why dont you try wearing the transition eyeglasses without power. at least you make use of them in the sun. Also after wearing for sometimes, you will find out if you really like wearing glasses or not. However if you need to wear them for medical reason, then like others have answered but not adviced to do, do alot of computer work, gaming, typing, etc.


your a moron, im sorry, but thats a messed up ?


No offense my friend that is not a thing you would want to do you'll regret it, glasses, contacts are annoying, but if you really want to read the other answers.

Good luck and don't do it


y on earth would u want to do that! its the craziest thing i have ever heard! lol :P

but i suppose u could stare into the light or the sun, wear another persons glasses for a long time, scratch the lens in ur eye.... poke it! ba ha ha ha

I DONT recommend doing any of this stuff... this is a ridiculous question! lol Plz dont do these things! lol


poke yourself in the eye


yes you can wear your friends glasses, or just go to the eye doctor and pretend you cannot see the words on the screen


Why would you want to wear glasses? They're annoyyinggg! But I can't see a thing when I take mines off so I guess putting your face really close to the computer screen&tv would help lol.


yes, read in the dark