Does Chamomile Water/Tea lighten eye colour?

I've heard from many many people that Chamomile water or tea will lighten eye colour in a short while when you wash your eyes with it. I'm just asking for your opinion? I have brown eyes in the dark.. but greenish eyes in sunlight. If i make a routine of washing my eyes with Chamomile, would this make my eye colour appear a bit lighter? possibly a lighter green in the sun. Has anyone even tried this?



Nope, there is no way to change your iris color. It has a color that you will have to be with it in your whole life.

The iris color depends on your melanin, as your skin and hair color do. If you want to lighten your eye color to green or honey brown, you can buy lightning contact lenses.


I dont know if its safe to wash your eyes in tea. im not an expert in that.

You didn't say if you're myopic (shortsighted) or not. Lots of shortsighted people have dark eyes because theblack dot in the center is dialated real wide. it makes their eyes look black in the dark.


no. that wont work. nothing will. there is no way to change your eye color


I have read about people using chamomile, honey, and water as eye drops to lighten around the iris. I have been using the honey and water ( without chamomile) and have been doing it for like 4 days now, my eyes ARE a little lighter