Will a Nikon P100 digital camera and a new macbook be compatible?

I'm using a PC right now, windows vista, which i hate! I'm looking into buying a new macbook, and i want to make sure my camera will be compatible. On my PC, i can't make videos using windows movie maker, because the audio doesn't work. I read the books, researched it, changed settings, and asked questions here on yahoo about it, but it still doesn't work. I have looked on Youtube to see if anyone has made videos with a Nikon P100, and all the videos are done on a mac.

I've always had macs, but my house was broken into, and they stole my macbook pro, so my brother had an extra pc, and gave it to me. So I am experienced using macs, and i have made many videos using imovie. But i've bought a new camera, and have never used it on a mac, and i want to make sure it will work.

So, if anyone has a mac and a nikon p100 and they make video, does it work well?

how do nikon cameras and imovie do together?

Thanks so much for the help!

I've been so frustrated the last couple of months trying to figure this out, so any help at all is appreciated greatly!


well, you can get the satisfied answer according to Nikon P100 digital camera specs, just make clear the formats that Nikon compatible with, while imovie supports mpeg-4.

the point is that you need one video converter that convert Nikon format to the mpeg-4 that imovie happy to edit, it seems the issues clear, now go get the powerful iorgsoft mpeg-4 video converter, i believe it can solve the problem effectively!

Get it as the following link and see the step by step guide carefully. it is worthwhile a successful experience!