New HTC EVO Phone...HELP ME!?

I just got this phone three days ago and a lot of things are making me mad about it. The battery dies even when I am not using it. I turned off the wifi and 4g. I can't delete the apps that were originally on the phone. It freezes up sometimes like my old INSTICT did.

I am thinking about taking it back because it costs me ten extra dollars a month. But everything else on the phone I love to use.

Does anyone have some tips or ideas for cool apps? Or even just some opinions about the phone. Some people have told me to "Flash" the phone but I am not sure what all that means.

Thanks for your help!


Hey, congrats on getting probably the hottest phone in America right now! About battery, there is absolutely nothing to fix this. In plain terms, it sucks. Heavy Users charge it @work, @night, and in the car and it still sucks. Some Android apps are built in and can't be removed. In plain terms, if you don't use 4G at all, hate the extra fee, need long battery life, but love the phone's features get the Verizon Droid Incredible. If Sprint is a must, and you need andrioid get the Samsung Moment.

If you can live without Android., get the Blackberry Bold of Palm Pre

By the way, flashing is moving you're phone from one carrier to another. Since sprint uses CDMA, you could in theory flash to Verizon, Metro PCS, or cricket, but really only MetroPCS and Cricket. It's not worth it unless you LOVE the phone and know what you're doing as you could ruin the phone.