Two playstation 3 questions?

1. Do you have to pay a monthly fee to play online?

2. How do you save games, is it by memory card like the old ps2 was?


1. No, unlike the 360 the internet is totally free and the internet is fantastic, but Sony will shortly be releasing a premium service which gives a lot of features and you have to pay 60$ a year but this is only optional and you can stick with the normal free online known as PSN.

2. PS3 games are saved onto the hard disk of the PS3 so there is no need for any memory cards or anything like that also if you play PS1 games you can create an internal PS1 memory card so you don't have to buy an old PS1 memory card.

Hope I helped.


1. PSN is free

2. games saves on the hard drive thats in the ps3

you can you any laptop hard drive


1. No, you don't have to pay a monthly fee to play online. The online PSN service is 100% free, to play games online.

2. The Playstation 3 has a hard drive, in which it saves everything to. There is no memory cards needed, because most playstation's have 60GB, 80GB, 120GB, or 250GB hard drives where everything saves too. You can add it to a portable media device like a USB drive, or anything else like that.


1. no PSN (playstaion network) is free and always will be, in the future there may be an advanced service u hav to pay 4. But the current service will remain free.

2. games save are saved to the hard drive inside the PS3, u can copy your save data to an external device, usb stick, ipod, walkman etc..( some games copy-protect the data s u can't move it) but these games are VERY few)

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1. Nope no monthly fee (apart from what you already pay for your broadband) it is completely free 24/7.

2. Basically the games save to the hard drive (which is mainly why you have a choice of hardrive size) you can move that data on to USB drives if you wanna keep it.

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Free online and the PS3 has a built in hard drive. Mine is 500 GB cause I add a new one. They usually come with either 60GB, 80GB, or 120GB


1. No, every game with online is free, the only thing that you would need to pay for is optional extras (like new maps on Call of Duty)

2. Most games autosave and save directly to the ps3 hard drive


1) the only cost is your broadband provider fee

2) game saves are stored on PS3 hard drive