Iphone help!…

i live in ottawa and i'm looking at buying an iphone 4, they online come with AT&T.

I cant seem to find any AT&T stores

does anyone know where there is one in ottawa or is it only in the us


You are looking on the American Apple website, every country has their own and this is yours:

When you click on the iPhone link:…

you will see its not even out yet :)

you will be able to buy it unlocked and without a contract


I looked the same question yesterday. during the process of trying to look the answer I found a way to get the new iphone 4g from! the phone is scheduled for delivery in 3 days n I can't wait!

Good luck and have a new phone


at&t im pretty sure is only supported in the USA. The iphone4 is not in Canada yet! I believe its coming in July sometime..