IPhone 4 or iPhone 3gs?

Debating between $99 8gb 3gs and 16gb iPhone 4. Ideas? Opinions? Answers?


For the iPhone 3GS, the price difference between the new phones is 50 bucks, but there are so many differences between the two phones that make the the new iPhone worth the price so much

- Smaller and slimmer design

- Amazing screen

- two cameras ,and level up 720p camera

- fast

Powerful usability of internet,touch screen runss smoothly and works pretty well.Kinds of amazing apps,some are even free for you!Wonderful entertainment function.

Conclusion : iPhone 4


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Good luck to ya


iPhone 4 easily.

all the new features of the iPhone 4 & also the longevity as the iPhone 3GS will be discontinued by this time next year & it will sooner no longer be supported by Apple, like the iPhone 2G.


with the new update, they are both pretty similar.

it just depends what you want to use it for, go the 3GS if you dont need facetime, better camera and you dont care about the design.

iPhone 4 will be better though, just think about what you want to use it for and what price you are willing to pay.

compare them:…

hope this helps!

ps. if you have plenty of cash, buy the iPhone 4, if you dont mind the different features, the 3GS is GREAT!


Get the iPhone 4.

The OS is newer. The features are much better, too. For example, the camera is a 5 megapixel with an LED flash compared to the 3gs 3.15 megapixel camera with no flash. Also, the retina display on the iPhone 4 is supposed to be hella amazing.

You can decide for yourself though, just do some simple research on the internet. Only you can decide what is best for you!


The iPhone 4 is ridiculously hard to get right now. I live in between 3 different urban centers, and none of the Apple stores have a single iPhone 4; plus, the waiting lists are each like 2000 names long.

Personally, I think the iPhone 4 is just badass, and you should get it if you can, but the iphone 3gs will be both less expensive and a heck of a lot easier to get a hold of.

just my humble opinion. :]


Without a doubt... iPhone 4. It includes 100 different improvements from the iPhone 3GS. So many amazing features, a revolutionary crisp looking screen, and it really puts the "smart" in smartphone. Watch this short video because I'm pretty sure it'll convince you otherwise!…