What time should i get up on the 29th to get in line for the iphone 4? 50pts?

what is a safe time to get up and head over to att to get the iphone 4. It takes me a 17 min drive (to att store) and I was planning on going at 6 they open at 7 but I am scared I will get their to see a huge line and they will run out bc I dont know how many they will carry. Please help me. 50 ponts given to best answer. -Chase


At 6:00 there will most likely be a line. You should plan on getting there at about 5:45 and you should be in a good spot to get one of them. I would say get up at about 4:45. And maybe bring a lawn chair just in case. But they should carry enough for you to get one (better safe than sorry). I'll be joining you at my local store getting my own iphone 4g. Good Luck!


I looked a similar question several days ago. during the process of attempting to find the solution I found a way to get a free iOS4 from! the phone arrived in the next few days and it's going to be great!

Enjoy the new iphone


from what i have heard all of the pre-orders are sold out, you should have checked with the store to see if they will have any available for people who did not pre-order - and you should have checked the stores hours, many times when something is launched, stores will open at midnight because people just have to have whatever as soon as it is released..

but why would you be interested in buying a phone that has a manufacturing defect where as if you hold it the "wrong" way it will completely lose signal?

also, what does the iphone have to do with land phones?


Well if you pre-ordered your pretty set for anytime because they have to hold one for you. But to play it safe there will most likely be people out all night. But I would get there 2-3hrs early, bring some cards or something to play with. And lay back and chill out. :)


There may be people out side camping outside the store drive by and check it out and if there are you know there will be a long line at six so be there even earlier