Ok. I just bought playstation plus about a week ago and so today i read that the subscription renews automatically until canceled. So the question is, how do i cancel it? Im not planning to cancle it right now bcuz i just got it but i dont want another 3 months of ps plus. I dont have any funds in my wallet and it says that if i dont have any funds, they will automatically charge my credit card. Please tell me how to cancel. Will it give you a choice to cancel it before it runs out or do you have to do something to cancel it? By the way, i purchases a $20 psn card to buy it, i didnt use a credit card or a ps plus subscription card. Hope that helps. THANKS!


From the Playstation Network tab in the XMB - select Account Management - then Transaction Management and Services List and Playstation Plus and your Playstation Plus subscription. Then hit Cancel Automatic Renewal. Thats it. Since you used a psn card though, you shouldn't have to do anything.


if you have a credit care you will automatically be charged this does not apply if you don't have one in your account only for the people who bought PSN+ and have credit cards