Bought a phone on craigslist?

so i bought a droid on craigslist, the guy had the box for the phone and everything he said he needed rent money and switched to his old phone. well went to activate it and it was on the lost and stolen list, i called the guy i bought it from he answered and hung up but the back ground noise was very distintive, i then called the number on the phone which had the same background noise, the kid said he lost his phone i said that he could have his phone back and everything and was going to talk to his mom and call me the next day. he never called back i tried calling him about it but no answer.

any advice on what i should do about this?


You're a good person trying to do the right thing: trying to return the phone to the right person.

If this phone was stolen, I suggest you call the police on the guy that sold the phone to you as he/ she cannot just sell stolen property.

In the meantime, you shouldn't have said that you were going to talk to the kids mom. The kid will think that he/ she will get in trouble.

Since you already called the kid, you know the number. Do a reverse phone number check to find out the location. I suggest you try: or .

Appear in person and clear up what's going on.

The other thing you can do is call the number and leave a message. Just say you want to see the owner get their property back.


well did u meet the person somewhere, if so ur fuked i guess.

well i always buy from craigslist i always meet them at their house so if there is any problems i know where the person lives.

but i never go alone.