Shogun 2 Total War - +45 Megatrainer- Unlimited money-steam and multiplayer applicable?

Where to get this for free?



Based on the search from, I came across this website that offers trainer or megatrainer that is steam applicable for this game - Shogun 2 Total War in Pc or Xbox360 or Ps3 version. I have tested personally on this and I can vouch for it. This trainer is seriously a GODLIKE creation. Rating 10/10

Below are the features of the trainer

Hotkey Option

—— ——

Num0 Add 100,000 to Treasury

Num1 Progress 10 Seasons

Num2 Retrogress 10 Seasons

Num3 Replenish Army [TOGGLE]

Num4 Deplete Army [TOGGLE]

Num5 Replenish Fleet (Men) [TOGGLE]

Num6 Deplete Fleet (Men) [TOGGLE]

Num7 1-Turn Construction [TOGGLE]

Num8 Unlimited Army Movement [TOGGLE]

Num9 Unlimited Fleet Movement [TOGGLE]

Num / Unlimited Agent Movement [TOGGLE]

Num * Raise Income by 5000

Num – Lower Income by 5000

Num + Super Slow-Mo (3D Battle)

F6 Super Fast-Mo (3D Battle)

F7 Demoralise Unit (3D Battle)

F8 Bolster Unit (3D Battle)

F9 Abilities Always Available (3D Battle) [TOGGLE]

F10 Infinite Pre-Battle Waits (3D Battle) [TOGGLE]

F11 Infinite Custom Battle Funds [TOGGLE]

F12 Infinite Character Skill Points [TOGGLE]

Hope this helps