Free itunes codes? unused codes?

anyone have any unused itunes codes? and if you dont have any to give me (which i understand) then can u plz help me get some for free. thnx :)!


your best bet right now is to go to and try to ge a free itunes giftcard code for yourself. that site has been giving out free itunes codes all week and i dont know if they have any left. if they have some left then you better get one


1) I don't have any codes for you. 2) I doubt anyone will give you free iTunes credit. 3) online generators are scams/ viruses. 4) if there was a legit online generator it would be illegal. I too would love to have free points but you can't :(


I'm sorry in the event this process is a wee bit off subject matter yet I simply simply had to discuss this specific fantastic thing I just identified. Apple company is actually having an overstock of the brand-new ipad as well as providing away $100 itune giftcard to download these types of fantastic tracks! I just now received my own ipad two along with apple itunes gift card through the mail one or two days back.