Will this receiver be able to power this all.?

I have a pioneer vsx-520-k.I'm thinking about getting a cerwin vega xls setup. Two xls-15, one xls-6c,and two xls-28. i'm not sure the receiver can power this all and if it can't is there one under 250 that can (or have amplifier pre outs).


I hate to break it to you, but if you are looking far large sound, this receiver will not do the job. Do yourself a favor and do not listen to the first two responses. I'm not saying this to be negative, but only trying to save yourself a lot of money and embarrassment.

First off, the speakers you are referring to are designed as high powered stereo speakers, but the pioneer is a relatively low powered surround sound receiver. These two aren't very compatible.

I'm assuming that since you are looking for big speakers, you are looking for huge sound. If that's the case, you will be disappointed in the performance if you combine this receiver with these speakers. The 110 watts of the Pioneer receiver is peak wattage. This means that you will only receiver about 75 yo 85 watts of clean, continuous power. Hardly enough to effectively drive these extra large CVs. This pioneer system is designed to be used with satellites and smaller floor standing speakers that have a separate, powered subwoofer. You, on the other hand, are trying to power some huge subwoofers with this low powered receiver.

What will happen if you chose to use these speakers with this receiver. You will eventually damage either your speakers or your receiver, if not both. More speakers are damaged by amplifiers with too low wattage than too high wattage. When the amplifier reaches its max power output, the signal starts to clip. This clipping causes heat that damages your speakers and you amplifier. So unless you want to replace your components every few months, I would suggest you look for a different amp for these speakers. Otherwise, get used to listening to these monsters at low volume.

Only a complete moron would recommend using this receiver with these speakers, so please don't listen to the first answers.


the receiver should be fine, the vegas dont state what their rms power handling is but if its only 400 max im going to say yes the pioneer can handle them well, you should have no problem with power from that pioneer receiver.


There should be no problem is powering those speakers you are looking at. Those speakers you are looking at are really not very clean or clear sounding speakers. Just because it has a large speaker and cabinet does not mean it is good. Keep in mind, you get what you pay for. Let your ears be the judge on speakers. Hopee this will help you out.