My ps3 is giving me the 8013013E error, can i get some help into fixing it?

i recently reset my router to factory settings, i put the WPA2 as the security setting and re-configured the router. All the computers can find the access point and connect to the internet but when i try to connect with my ps3, it says a connection to the access point could not be established. Check the security settings for the wireless LAN. i tried everything i could find on how to fix it but nothing worked. But with the wired connection, it works normally. I d leave it with the wired connection but the router is not in a place i can leave my ps3. please help me!


My suggestion would be to check and make sure it's set to b/g instead of N connection type. I had a similar issue once and changing it to b/g worked. Here's the online support section for the router itself, maybe that'll help:…

As for the PS3 error, that's because it can't connect:…