How do I get iMessage?

I have an Ipod Touch 4g with software 4.3.5. I really want iMessage but I don't have it! I got my ipod last year in October of 2010. I recently got my new Ipod free of charge in July after I dropped it and it cracked. I know you have to have iOS5 to get iMessage but I am not very tech savy so I don't know if I have iOS5. If I don't how can I get it? Do I have to pay? Please help!


iOS 5 wil be a free update for existing users available next week on OCT 12TH, just download and update.

I have a 4th gen ipod touch running 4.3.5 and I have to wait too, once we get iOS 5 then we will all have iMessage.


omg you idiot.

it is released on the 12th, so when it is that day, try pugging it in to your computer, in the shape that matches the one at the end of your apple charging cable, then open itunes. the exact time it is released is unclear, so at 12pm on the hickery dickery clock, try it then. u know, when the mouse gets to the top? anyway, if your computer is connected ti the internet through magicness, it will come up on your screen. now on that day, if the on-screen instructions are incompatible with your OS (outrageous stupidity) then ask how to update when your ready.

hope i wasted your time ;)