What's your favorite snack food item to get at a fast food place?

What and from where?


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A grilled ranch snack wrap from is just enough to fill me up a bit if I'm hungry.


Curly Fries from Arby's


It all depends on my mood haha , but my sisters currently pregnant so my family buys hot chips regularly ( she craves them) , and it's not something I'd object to cause chips are pretty nice on some bread. Other than that probably popcorn chicken from KFC . I'm pretty 'plain' though I would just rather something from a fish and chip shop than Oporto etc.


popcorn chicken

chicken fries

crispy strips

chicken bowl

toasted wrap

toasted twister

all the above r from kfc

large fries from mcdonalds


Protein bowl at Jamba juice. It tastes like Peanut butter and nuts and banana's orgasm in your mouth every bite im telling you its good.


probably popcorn chicken from kfc. or a snack bowl from kfc (because it has popcorn chicken in it haha).


cheesecake chimichangas from Taco Bueno


a parfait from chik-fil-a or mcdonalds