Why do fast food restaurants attempt to serve healthy food items?

It's rather pointless isn't it? Especially when fast food restaurants have clearly established that they're not here to cater to health conscious people. High calorie meals, bazillion milligrams of sodium, along with astronomical fat grams! Like McDonald's attempt at oatmeal; total fiasco if there ever was one. 32 grams of sugar; might as well drink a coke or pepsi for breakfast! ( o _ 0 )


To be honest "most" people don't read the label or sugar grams like they their mind they "figure" their eating healthy cuz it "sounds" healthy.....oatmeal with fresh fruit....think about it....sooo what their doing is tempting the "mind" the entrance to our soul & body....and for the most part they get us because we don't think or take the time to research it as you thank you for that valuable info it will keep me a little more on the toes.......although I don't stop at McDonald's that often........=0)


Maybe pointless to those of us who actually think it through, but McDonald's is selling the **** out of that oatmeal. People like to believe they're eating healthy.


What's wrong with them trying to cater to a larger audience or attempting to widen their horizons as far as their menu selections are concerned?

If anything, we should be condoning this type of activity among fast food restaurants, not condemning.


I was thinking the same thing! But I think it's because people can sue them or they can be shut down because by law they have to have healthy food. But not a whole lot of people eat it anyways! haha. Why eat healthy when you have so much good food right in front of your face? Lol.


Their PR department told them to because they were copping too much flack from the media for the obesity epidemic. The only objective McDonalds has is to deliver a profit to it's shareholders, and they figure they have a better chance at doing that if they appear to be doing the right thing by society.


They serve a small portion of healthy food (dog and pony show). People still buy the other not so healthy stuff on the menu. It is a shame. The beef process should be investigated. If you knew what you were eating, I don't think you would go back.

Someone needs to produce a documentary on the beef process from start to finish, so the American public knows.


Almost forgot the nutrition link ( ^ _ ^ )

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