What do i wear to nandos? is it posh?`?

i've never been to nandos before and i'm going with 2 friends tomorrow night. i'm not really sure what to wear because i am going out first with a different friend and so i dont want to look overdressed or underdressed. what do people wear there? and would heels be way overdressed (for someone who never wears heels) what would you wear? just my normal daytime clothes which would be leggings, a denim skirt probably which i could change to a plain black one i guess and a floaty top. ?


Birthday suit


Your normal clothes will be fine. Nandos isn't posh at all.


Daytime clothes. It's not posh their pitta chicken is fantastic!


Considering they sell like burgers and stuff like that.....

Just wear your normal clothes you would wear if you were going out with friends or something


Yeh just wear what you normally wear and a floaty top would be grand, its not an overly fancy place like Kopapa or Morito but its more fancy than the likes of McDonalds lol or LittleChef,


Nandos isn't posh at all. Your normal daytime clothes will be fine. Nandos is like Pizza Hut but you serve yourself, so it isn't classed as posh.


no it is just a fast casual restaurant. you order at a counter & then they bring the food to you. so you do not need to wear heels. your normal daytime clothes would be fine.