Where to get laid in Los Angeles CA tonight the easiest?

Hi everyone, apologies 4 the straight-forward question but is it still as easy 2 get laid in Los Angeles as it used to be? I recently returned back here after 4 years in the army and everything in and around Los Angeles has totally changed from before I left. Considering the things I've witnessed i'm not rdy 4 any level of serious relationship so Right now I'm just searching to hook up and get laid in Los Angeles w/o any strings attached. Maybe someone here could point me in the right direction and let me know where the best place to get laid in Los Angeles is nowadays so that I don't waste 2 much of my time here a lone. Thanks a lot.


Well... you could always visit a local bar but If you're looking for the easiest and quickest way to get laid in Los Angeles you should try this casual no strings attached dating dating website my roommate and I have been using for a few months already... It's This network makes it extremely easy to find a girl and hook up with her that same night since ALL of the girls at this place are searching for the exact same thing you are, casual sex with no strings. We usually hook up with 2 to 3 girls each and every week at this site, but last week my roommate got 5! One for each day of the week..! so I guess i need to work on my game a bit more haha. Anyways, Good luck m8 just go on there and start messaging some girls in your area and I'm confident that you'll get laid in Los Angeles within a day or so.


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Ok you get news in the army and television and I doubt you would be deployed for 4 years so stfu.