Who makes a small food thermometer?

I'm looking for a food thermometer that is small (gage face must be less than 1.5" diameter and the probe would preferably be shorter than 3") analog, cheap, and preferably dishwasher safe. Anybody know who would sell something like that?


Try these?……

Or check out some of these:…

I assume you mean a meat thermometer, not a candy or oven thermometer. There are also very cheap one-time use I think warning thermometers that can be used for turkey,e tc., but hear they're not that reliable and don't go down into the meat very far where it needs to be measured.

Did you want one that's instant read, or can stay in the meat, or that doesn't have the other end of the probe outside the oven, or what?


Lakeland does this one

I hope this was help to you!


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