What type of chocolate would I use for truffles if I use double cream?

I made truffles at school once, but we made them completely different to all the recipies on the internet. We didn't use cream for them, we made them with icing sugar, butter and chocolate. They were incredibly sweet yet delicous. We used milk chocolate, but was this because we didn't use cream. If I use milk chocolate with double cream, will the chocolate flavour be very weak? Do I need to use dark chocolate like all the recipies say? I don't want to use cocoa powder.


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Well you can use milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or the numerous varieties in between. Just because Milk chocolate isn't as strong tasting as dark chocolate don't think it can't hold up to the job it can and its good and good for you. Love seeing post where people are using ingredients making food the way it should be high in calories and fat and high in taste. I hate diet food, vegans, and other heretic's to the food world.


hiya i made them every year from a similar Italian recipe

i use milk chocolate and flavour with grated orange rind or a few spoons of orange liqueur

i use white chocolate too .. but slightly reduce the amount of cream and use almond extract or amaretto

i do make dark chocolate one but i add crushed clear mints or /and creme de menthe

they are absolutely delicious i cool the mixture then ball it up and then freeze then in plastic tub

for a week or until i want them then i melt the same chocolate as in truffle and dip the balls still frozen solid and cool on grease proof paper. keep them in fridge till you gonna scoff them

please feel free to email me if you need any help re quantities etc

good luck


I don't recall seeing a recipe calling for cream in a truffle, so what I would suggest is put 8 oz. of milk chocolate finely grated 8 oz. of unsalted butter in for mixing, about 2 cups of powdered sugar, sifted, and another 2 oz. roughly grated. mix the first three ingredients, and coat the, with the last 2 oz. of chocolate. Let them sit in the fridge for about 30 min. to an hour to set. These will only be good for about a week or so, and this makes about a pound.