Why do you like/dislike meat?

I know I do not like meat because the animals suffer and die. But what do you think?


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I never cared for the taste of meat. Highly processed meats (like chicken fingers) tasted good to me but I knew they weren't good for me. Started working at a grocery store that didn't package their meats very well at all--Blood quite frequently got on my hands, as did the meat itself sometimes. That was enough to make me want to go Vegetarian. After making a bet with my grandma (she didn't think I could give up chicken for a week, let alone all meat for a month which was the final deal) and being Vegetarian for a month, I've never gone back. Felt so much healthier--How could I have went back?


I like meat because it has a unique flavor. Grilled food definitely tastes different than fried or baked food.


I love meat but I do have times where I get tired of eat and need a break from it. For me personally, I would prefer to limit the amount of meat that I eat but I can't. I can no longer eat seafood meat is my only protein whether I like it or not.


I like the taste and the protein benefit. A physician told my then vegetarian daughter, "There's a reason for a food chain."


I like meat because it tastes good, can be used in/with virtually any dish, and the nutritional aspects of it.

One thing that may seem odd, is whenever I eat meat (or most any other food).. I can always visualize what animal (or plant) and where the cut of meat would come from (or how it was grown). I've an appreciation for what I eat in almost every form (plant/animal/fruit) and understand that overall, it takes life (again, plants/animal/fruit) to sustain life.


i like the little crispy bits the best and then the tender juicy middle


i like cuz its juicy and good when cooked


It's abhorrent to eat the same flesh that I am made from. Yuk.

It doesn't help digestion.