Do vegetarians/vegans think I'm a murderer for killing a deer to eat?

Would you put me in the same category as a man that has raped and murdered a child?


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I'm a vegan in order to minimise my contribution to animal suffering and exploitation as far as I can.

I value human life way, way over animal life and I reserve the word 'murder' to refer to the deliberate killing of one human being by another.

Killing an animal is not murder, and nobody really believes it is. Those who claim it is should ask themselves this - if knew someone had killed people, or had colluded in killing people or had paid for and eaten the flesh of those killed - would you still call them friend, eat with them, visit their home and welcome them into yours? I wouldn't, and I bet you wouldn't either.

We all have family members and friends who eat meat, and we don't shun them or recoil in horror. That's because we KNOW that killing animals is not on a par with killing humans, however much we wish it didn't happen. It's not murder.

Similarly if a loved pet dies we feel sad, perhaps very sad, but we don't feel the devastation of grief and mourning that we do when a loved person dies. Anyone who thinks they do or would feel the same about it has never been bereaved.

So while I wish animals weren't killed for food, it is not the same, morally, as the killing of a human being.

And to compare it to the rape and murder of a child is deeply insulting to children to whom that has happened and their grieving families.

I have more respect for someone who kills an animal for food and uses the whole animal that for someone who buys their meat ready killed and wrapped from a supermarket.

Just a suggestion - if you are asking for opinions from individual veg*ns, it would be better to begin your question with somethng like 'As a vegetarian, do you think...?' rather than 'Do veg*ns think such and such?', which does imply that veg*ns are likely to be of one mind on any issue.


Yeah kind of...

See I'm an abolitionist not a welfarist. Old argument of bigger cages or no cages so I don't believe that humans have the right to dominate other sentient species.

On the other hand... Prior to being a vegan (years ago) I worked in a butcher for a little while and it's given me some insight into "the mind of a meat eater" LOL.

I feel that there are three types of meat eaters.

1. The meat eater who buys his/her meat from the grocery store/butcher and just doesn't think about where it's come from or anything. It just never crosses their mind.

2. The meat eater who is offered the opportunity to learn where the meat comes from but due to certain emotions (often guilt) won't listen/hear.

3. The meat eater who knows where the meat comes from, understands what goes on, may kill their own meat and just doesn't care.

If you're a type 1 meat eater I don't think of you as a murderer.

If you're a type 2 meat eater I think of you as akin to the kid in the playground who sees someone getting picked on but doesn't say anything, guilty by omission.

If you're a type 3 meat eater you're a murderer in my mind. More then that I actually think that something is missing inside of you because you can't feel that empathy.

I attended a few lectures about empathy and the stages that it goes through in a civilization and it's kind of amazing but basically you can empathize with your family on a basic level (your genetic/adoptive family) then you empathize with people of your own community; then religion; then country; then humans in general and then the planet/animals. Civilization goes through a kind of evolution with this and the majority of people are at a "empathize with humans level" with some behind and some in front. So... I kind of think that if you're a type 3 you're just a bit behind the pack in empathy so although I think of you as a murderer I don't hate you I just don't think about you.

So yeah... That's my thoughts.


Well, it is good that you eat your prey. But, I can't understand how you can kill such a large animal in terms of your emotions. I dated a guy who hunted, and I told him that when he is with me, there is no shooting Bambi. If he did continue to hunt while I dated him, then he kept it from me.

I am not opposed to hunters having the legal right to hunt. There is no difference from them eating deer meat as opposed to beef. I just wonder how they can enjoy doing it. It is just so sad.


No, of course not. That's absurd. Murder, by definition, is a form of homicide. You have to kill a person in order for it to be murder.

I would not put you in the same category as a rapist or murderer, either. While I disagree with unnecessarily killing sentient beings of any type, I do think killing your own animals for food is preferable to purchasing meat from a high-volume facility. I'm all for competent hunting. As Michael says, "A deer's gotta be taken with one shot." One minute, the deer is munching leaves, the next, lights out. No suffering there. With factory farming, the animal lives their entire life in discomfort and then has an unpleasant death. No so nice.

That being said, hunting for pleasure sickens me. It disturbs me that someone would enjoy ending a life. I also think it is horribly wasteful to kill just for the heck of it. You shoot it, you eat it.


Of course you are. You are an honest psychopath but still a psychopath


No. I don't really care. It would be messed up if you tortured the deer or something, but I don't think you do that. Hell my husband has a friend who wants to come on my land and shoot deer, and they eat my plants so I might even let him.


No. The deer had a better life than the innocent creatures in the slaughterhouses. As long as you're going to eat it, I'm fine.


Better to kill a wild animal than to keep a domesticated one confined to an uncomfortably small and filthy enclosure for all the days of its miserable life. I don't like the idea of killing for fun any more than the next vegan, but it's a more humane source of meat than modern-day agriculture, hands-down.