Can you make toast in an oven or do you need a toaster?

Can you make toast in an oven or do you need a toaster?


u can make toast in the oven :) just lay bread slices on some foil or a cookie sheet at like 275 F and check on it every so often


Yes, you can toast in the oven. I lay mine flat on the little grill thing b/c then they get nice and brown on both sides.


You can toast your bread under the grilling element at the top of the oven.


Geez, you can make toast over an open fire if you want-it's simply applying heat to a slice of bread. This is a prime example of technology blindness.


Use a cookie sheet under the broiler. Watch the toast, though! The pieces cook fast. :)


lay the bread on cookie sheet, turn on broiler, stick the tray under the broiler for a couple minutes, watch carefully. flip the bread over to toast the other side. turn heat all the way up. this does not simply dry out the bread the way the other person says to do it at low temp.

can also toast bread on a skillet or griddle pan. lay it on the pan over medium high heat, let it toast on one side, flip it over and toast the other side.

much older ways of making toast than with electric toasters!