What can I do with carrot pulp?

My juicer gives me about a cup and a half of pulp per 6 carrots (which makes me one glass of juice). Is there anything I can do with the pulp? That keeps the nutritional value too?


I would freeze it in an icecube tray then throw a cube or two into pasta sauce, stirfry, or whatever you're making to add a nutritional boost. Or keep it in the fridge and add it to a smoothie. Green smoothies are great.


Carrot cake, muffins, add to pasta sauces, stir fries, soups, stocks. With it being so fine, most people won't notice it and you'll be getting some of that fiber in there along with the nutrients that are left. Meat loaf and meat balls too! Will help keep them moist.


Carrot-banana bread, carrot cake, carrot muffins, stir fry.


That would be great for a marinara sauce. Or you could add it to gaz pacho or something.


Use the pulp in a carrot cake or any kind of muffins. It also makes a great salad dressing. Sesame oil, soy sauce and carrot pulp. It is really good.