How do u unfreeze a gatorade?

please help me im super thirsty!


Try putting it in the microwave for ten seconds, but not too much.


Leave It Out On The Counter

It Will Defrost itself

(make sure to leave a towel or something underneath the bottle or you'll have a puddle of condensation on your counter)


let it sit out in warm Temperature


um put it undere the sun (if its not raining! lol!)


Any method you'd use for thawing it (microwave, hot water) would be done in a kitchen. Where there's water. If you won't drink a glass of water, you can't be THAT thirsty.


Dip it in hot water. If you really are super thirsty, then why not a cold glass of water. Drink that and later when the gatorade's not frozen you can drink it later.


the same way as anything else take it out of the freezer and wait


run it under hot water in the sink