What should I eat?I'm a fruitarian

I'm a fruitarian. I only eat fruit, veggies, and nuts. At 10 a.m.I had half of a mini seedless watermelon, and now it's 11:45 and I don't know what, or when I should eat next. Here's what I have that I can eat-



1 Plum-cot



Green Apples


And a Pear

I kinda overate yesterday, and I wanna not eat as much today. I haven't gotten any exercise today yet, but I'm gonna go roller-blade at the park for 1-2 hours, and then tonight I'm gonna do the treadmill for like 30-60 minutes, with 30-60 minutes of weight lifting, and 1 hour of martial arts. Can someone give me a meal plan, or what to eat,and when? PLEASE no rude answers. THANKS!


If you don't want to eat much then just have 1 or 2 apples.


You better load up~you will have to eat ALOT to get the requirements you need for your body to function well. How come you leave out whole grains?


That's a pretty tough regime. My brother is a vegan so I understand where you're coming from - and yes, don't tolerate any rude answers. Your dietary regime is your choice and no one has the right to mock you for it.

He runs a website about the stuff he eats as a vegan. Have a look and happy eating!