Is there ANYTHING vegan at McDonald's?

Well? I haven't really seen anything. Is there something I missed? xD


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Do not ever go to McCruelty regardless of what vegan item you're going to buy. McDonalds salads are just as bad for you as Bigmacs. Those lettuce leaves are months old and realistically should be brown and dead. Not only do they drown them in preservatives, but they also add toxic dye to the leaves just so it has the green appearance. I wouldn't even buy water from them. There has been a study done on many fast food restaurants including McDonalds and studies have shown that in many of these restaurants, their ice has more bacteria than that of their toilet water.




water lol


no, brown noser.


NO way. Go to a healthier place. PLEASE




nope, other than water i dont believe there is anything vegan at McDonald's:P


They have apple slices. I think it might be better to look elsewhere though. Wendy's has nice baked potatoes.