What is this kitchen appliance called?

Hi, I'm trying to translate a French recipe into English. The recipe requires the use of a "mixeur plongeant". I know what one looks like and is used for, but I don't know what it's called in English, and none of my dictionaries or other sources seem to have a good answer.

The "mixeur plongeant" is a sort of hand mixer whose metal thing you put into the bottom of a liquid mixture in order to emulsify it. If you need an image, please google this name in French, or you can go to this link :…

Does anyone know what this is called in English?



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Immersion blender


thats a gidget


It is a blender


Stick or hand blender.


stick mixer or hand held mixer


It's a hand blender or mixer, I forget, but Kitchen Maid makes them.


it is basically a blender:) a handheld blender:)


It would be known as a hand held mixer, either battery operated or a plug in type