How do i stop drinking so much soda?ive drank three 2liter bottles in 1 week?

i usually take brakes, off and on..i just wanna quit once an for all


Think of other things you like to drink. And think of the reasons you'd like to stop drinking it -

Is it the sugars? Caffeine? Both?

You could switch to diet pop (soda), which will cut sugars, or caffeine free - or even both sugar and caffeine free. It doesn't taste as good, but my roommate switched from regular to diet, and she ended preferring the taste to diet after about a week.

Buy containers of ready-to-make mixes, like kool-aids, or lemonade, or iced teas.

Juice is a good alternative. You can even buy those cans of frozen juice in the freezer section and have some really good varieties to make as you wish. They make some crazy but really tasty flavors, plus it doesn't kill you bringing in to the house. I live on the third floor and buy a lot of heavy items, milk, pop, gallons of juice and drinks. So it's nice to go from a big gallon, to a small can of frozen juice that will make just as much lol.

Water is always good too. You will feel more inclined to drink it if you have it readily available in a more appealing form. Like bottled water in the fridge. It doesn't even have to be bottled water you buy from the store - you can use your own 20oz bottles to fill up at home, Put a couple in the freezer and then take one with you whenever you go out when it's hot out. It will melt and you'll always have ice water to drink.

Good luck :)


get a check for diabetes


How about you stop buying soda


find something better for you to switch to:

iced tea, etc

eventually switch to water


Why do you have such powerful cravings for soda? Are you pregnant? If so, when the baby comes the cravings will stop.