How do i make my gf hate smoking and drinking?

Its not like that she aint got any right to smoke weeds or drink alcohol with her friends, i hate smoking and drinking a i also care a lot about my gf. so i dont want that my gf gets addiced to it and walk on the wrong side of the track( bad companies, which is her friends who is making her drink and smoke). i told her not to but she doesnt wanna. i told her that its bad , many bad things happens with ur body part. i did everything i could , she knows its effect and she also knows how bad it.she said she's not gonna quit. Btw she is not an addict, she just does that whenever she's hanging out with her friends, and i dont like it. But also are there any solutions which might help her stop .this.


well, I think you should embrace her lifestyle...

you think she should do what you want, maybe I think you should do what she wants to do..

get high, get drunk.. you can't judge a lifestyle you don't understand chump so either join the party or get over the girl because some dude who likes to party is gonna wind up railing out your girlfriend in a bathroom stall someplace and you're going to get hurt.


Professional hypnosis


did you try to show her want bad things can happen to her show her some thing really scray and bab which can happen to her.


that persons right. you cant change anybody. if you discuss it and she doesnt wana change, either learn to except it or bail


Honestly, you can't I tried everything with my girl and they will do what they want to doand the only person that can change them is themselves. Either deal with it or dump her sorry to put it so bluntly


Sorry but you guys are incompatible. The whole 'health' thing doesn't work when someone wants to party. Find someone else that you are a better match for.

I was a bad girl and married a bad boy. I dated 'good guys' who didn't like what I wanted to do and they didn't last very long.

I am on the straight and narrow now - you can only do that sh** for so long until it catches up to you.