What colour chocolate is best for you?

Just wonderin' :)


dark chocolate. It has the highest percent of cocoa (which contain antioxidants). The higher the cocoa percent, the better it is for you. White is the worst since it has no cocoa (just cocoa butter/fat) and tons of sugar. Milk is in the middle




Minie, can you explain please, do you mean like milk chocolate, which I normally have?


Hiya. Darker the better,i.e. Cocoa content. Just go easy though, don't want you to be a big fat person, lol.


Dark chocolate is the healthiest, because it contains more cocoa and less sugar and milk than milk or White chocolate.


The darker it is, the purer it is. The things that aren't good for you in chocolate are the additives, mostly sugar and butter. So darker and more bitter concentrates on the cacao, which is packed with antioxidents that are good for you.


The darker the chocolate, the better. Dark chocolate is healthiest the less additives there are in the chocolate the..,well obviously purer and healthier it is. A lot of the cooking chocolates though have vegetable fat in them. Chocolates that have vegetable fat in them are often more bendier! So the louder the snap.... the better! :D