Healthy meal plans with receipes and grocery list?

i need to make a change in my eating habits.



If you are serious, first get yourself a calender with big squares from Staples. The cheap Generic calender will work, you need to write the day and date and month on each page.

Fill in by day what the menu plan will be for supper.

Once you write the supper for each day, you will then be able to get together the recipe for the food and then you can write up a shopping list for ingredients you need to buy for making that recipe for your meal.

It's a process. Meal- recipe- ingredient shop list. This is one way to organize for a week at a time.



Ayla, what sort of changes are you looking for? You just don't go spending heaps of many and restock your fridge and pantry, this you do gradually.



There is no way for anyone here to know what you will or won't eat.

You are asking for the kind of information a dietitian gets paid to put together for someone.

keep it simple.

Eat more veggies and fruits, at least 5-8 serving a day.

Less white flour carbs and more whole grains.

Lean meats, skim milk, low fat/no fat yogurts.

whole grain cereals.