Why did I not get a hangover?

I recently went on holiday with some mates. I am 18 and have finished school. I went for 4 nights, each night I drank and i didn't have any hangovers. I drank until i couldn't walk straight/ got screwed out of my mind every night and I mostly drank vodka, sambuka, and beer (not that much beer) every night. I have been back for 2 days now and havent had a hangover at home either. Is it because I only had about 3-6 hours sleep each night or something like that? or is it because of what i was drinking? I am white and male about 5"10 and have a decent build with a low % body fat. Thanks if you actually bothered to read all that, any answers?


With a low body fat % the alcohol will be in and out of your body fat quicker than someone with a higher %. It will also depend on how much water you had. Alcohol is a diuretic which basically means it makes you pee more and you'll lose fluids. The hangover you feel is basically dehydration, if you arent dehydrated you dont get one!


I think you probably didn't drink enough to get hung over

Also, the fact that you have a low percentage of body fat may have something to do with it