I HATE DECISIONS about food ............what should i eat?

its been a few hrs since ive been up and im starving but i dont know if i feel like cooking or i duno what to get

i can MAKE (what i have at home) : a frozen pizza , fettucini alfredo , or those same noodles with marinara sauce , or if i decide to go to the stupid store i can make my own cheeseburger and fries etc

or i can go to whats around me : chipoltle , mc donalds , KFC or the ale house , its not that far to go there (i dont want burger king or wendys the ones closest to me are dirty ) theres an outback steak house too but i may be leaning more towards fast food since im hungry now and i dont wana spend like a million dollars on non-grocery items

NOTE: Im substantially hungry for meat/potatoes/carbs lol i dont want something healthy or lite like a salad or a pb and j sandwich , if that were the case i woulda done that i also DONT eat FISH OR PORK OR LAMB just beef and chicken


I'd go with the Frozen Pizza. Save yourself the money, and gas. ;-)



get chicken it tastes good


I'd eat the pizza, but that's just me, and fast food isn't healthy


You should find a different Burger King.. Whoopers are delicious or Taco Bell or a grilled cheese sandwich hmm maybe Subways or if your feeling lazy wait for the Ice Cream truck to pass by