How can you tell the difference between a chicken thigh and breast?

I have worked at KFC for almost 3 months now, and this is a really pathetic question. At first I always just used size to tell the difference between a thigh and a breast, but the other day I packed an order all wrong because I put all thighs instead of breasts. The crispy chicken is hard to tell the difference in shape and apparently there are some big thighs. I feel like I am way past the point of asking someone at work for help, so I am just wondering is there some special way to tell the difference?


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First off I hope you didn't get into trouble and second I hope the people who got the wrong pieces were understanding. You are not the first person that this has happened to nor will you be the last unless KFC starts to keep all the pieces grouped as to what they are. Not only would it help prevent mistakes it would also help the employees to be able to serve the customers quicker and with less mistakes. You are only human. As long as I have eaten chicken I have always found that the breast meat is always the largest piece and only has that grizzly white thing and no bones. I know alot of people are going to mention about breast meat being white and thighs being dark but with the coating and skin on the meat it is alittle hard to see what color the meat is.


smell them ;)


thigh is dark meat- breast is light


Thighs have blunt ends. Breasts should have rather pointy end(s).


Breast is a bigger piece than the thigh


the breast is usually bigger than the thighs...


the thigh has one bone through the center. the breast has cartilage on the side, and the meat sits on the ribs.


There should be some sort of picture guide for you somewhere in the restaurant or that they offered you in training. If they didn't, then you need to go to your supervisor.