I need help with the McDonalds abbreviations...?

Does anybody know a site or something where they help you with working the cash register? I did that POS training, but I was wonderin' if there was something online to help me learn the abbreviations and stuff..



1) EGGMF= Egg McMuffin

2) SECMF= Sausage Egg and Cheese Muffin or SAUMF= Sausage Muffin with no egg

3) BECBI= Bacon Egg Cheese Biscuit

4) S&EBI= Sausage Egg Cheese Biscuit or SAUBI= Sausage Biscuit with no egg

5) STHBI= Southern Style Biscuit

6) BECGD= Bacon Egg and Cheese McGriddle

7) SECGD= Sausage Egg and Cheese McGriddle

8) SAUGD= Sausage McGriddle with no egg

9) SAUSK= McSkillet Burrito

10) BURR= Sausage Burrito or Breakfast Burrito

HC SAU= Hotcakes with Sausage

HOT CK= Hotcakes only

H BRWN= Hashbrowns

BHBHCK= big breakfest w/ hot cakes


1) MAC= the big mac, just the sandwich

M MAC= this is the meal

L Mac= this is the large meal

2)QPC= quarter pounder with cheese just the sandwich

M QPC= medium meal

L QPC= large meal

3)DQPC= double quarter pounder with cheese just the sandwich

M DQPC= medium meal

L DQPC= large meal

4) BNT= big and tasty just the sandwich NO CHEESE

M BNT= medium meal

L BNT= large meal

-BNTCH= big and tasty just the sandwich WITH CHEESE

M BNTCH= medium meal

L BNTCH= large meal

5) BLT C= ranch blt crispy just the sandwich

M BLTC= medium meal

L BLTC= large meal

-BLT G= ranch blt GRILLLED just the sandwich

M BLTG= medium meal

L BLTG= large meal

6) CLB C= crispy club jus tthe sandwich

M CLB C= medium meal

L CLB C= large meal

-CLB G= grilled club just the sandwich

M CLB G medium meal

L CLB G= large meal

7) CLS C= the classic, crispy

M CLS C= medium meal

L CLS C= large meal

-CLS G= the classic, GRILLED

M CLS G= medium meal

L CLS G= large meal

8) SSC= southern style chicken just the sandwich

M SSC medium meal

L SSC large meal

9) 3CS3= peice chicken selects just the selects

M 3CS= medium meal

L 3CS= large meal

-5CS= 5 peice chicken selects just the selects

M 5CS= medium meal

L 5CS= large meal

10) 10 NUG= 10 peice nugget just the nuggets

M 10 NUG= medium meal

L 10 NUG=large meal

-6 NUG= 6 peice nugget just the nuggets

M 6 NUG= medium meal

L 6 NUG= large meal

11) FOF =this is filet of FISH, just the sandwich

M FOF= medium meal

L FOF= large meal

ok so thats all the numbers ill tell you the dollar menu sandwichs.

DBL= this is the double cheese burger ours is 1.19 i dont know how much yours is

MCDBL the mcdouble is the dollar menu double cheese burger

MCC= mcchicken the dollar menu chicken sandwich

CHB= cheese burger

HMB= ham burger