Why does this strawberry taste like nail polish remover?

So my mom got a container of strawberries so when we got home I cut them and tasted them and it taste like nail polish remover! So i asked my mom to taste it and i didn't tell her what it taste like so the first thing she did was spit it out and she said it taste like nail polish remover! So i know it wasn't just me! She got it from Target and the brand is Driscoll's if that helps.Can someone tell me if they know why it taste like this and if it is safe to eat? Thanks for reading this. :)


The pesticides or fertilizer used is a leftover. Even if you wash them, the flavor is already absorbed. Ideally strawberries can be one of the highest carriers of residual pesticides. If possible, but organic or use a different brand.


Who cares if they're safe to eat? They taste like nail polish remover.


So you know what nail polish remover tastes like? ewwwwwwwwww.......


The last two things of Driscolls strawberries that I have bought at Target ( Minneapolis) taste like nail polish remover too! I' ve bought strawberries there for two years and this only started happening a couple of weeks ago. Strawberries I got somewhere else recently didn' t have this taste.


I bought organic strawberries from Costco and they taste like chemicals / nail polish remover. Interesting though they are Driscolls....hmmmm....


I just bought a package of Driscoll's strawberries from Costco and they are absolutely repulsive - Extremely strong "nail polish remover" taste. They do not have a scent of it what-so-ever, they don't even smell like strawberries - so it's obviously absorbed right into the fruit. Things are different now that a have a new son experimenting with fruit. Searching on the net this has been going on for years with this brand - how can this brand get away with this? There is no way they can be safe - I would like to watch Driscoll Management eat a case of them in front of me. Absolutely unacceptable this day and age.......


I just bought a case of strawberries (Driscoll's) tonight from costco and they taste like nail polish remover! I'm planning to return them tomorrow, I'm worried because my daughter ate a big bowl before bed tonight.