Fruit bushes being stripped of foliage by plague of caterpillars?

I have several currant( red and white) and gooseberry bushes in back garden and for some reason this year ,these bushes are being stripped of all their foliage by a plague of caterpillars. I have never seen such amounts of caterpillars as this ever. Is anybody else experiencing this, this year and if so any advice how to save the remaining bushes from being stripped .


You can buy and introduce the Ground Beetle. They are the natural predator of the caterpillar. They'll feed upon the caterpillar and not your plants.

If you choose the route of insecticides...then here's some that you can experiment with...

Insecticidal soap



The last 3 are more potent and gets the job done.

The following web page has more information on insect control that I think can help....



Sevin works well with garden plants. Many organic products are not strong enough, but this stuff does the job. Use a spray applicator according to directions.…