What can I do to clear up my cloudy pool water?

I have a 5,000 gallon seasonal vinyl above-ground pool, which had an algae problem. I put adequate amounts of shock, chlorine tablets in the filter, algaecide, and a bit of clarifier. The filter runs constantly and the cartridges are cleaned constantly and replaced as often as possible. The green water turned to a cloudy white after all the algae was taken care of. Now my problem is getting the water cleared up. I've been checking pH and chlorine levels daily and the chlorine was naturally high after the shock and algaecide treatment but is now falling back to where it should be. The pH has also been just outside of perfect and I've made sure it stays there adjusting as necessary. I added a little more clarifier again and figured there's enough chemicals in the water already and to let the filter and clarifier do their jobs. It's been 48 hours however and there is no improvement. I've been told adding too much clarifier can have an adverse effect so i haven't put any more in. Any hints, tips, etc? I want my clear water back! :-(


Well let me start by saying that its going to take a bit of time to clear up the cloudy water, longer than 48 hours. You are right as well, you don't want to overdo your clarifier. How old are you cartridges? If they are getting up there, check for broken bands, or hole in the pleats. I also think the best product on the market for dead algae is Natural Chemistys pool first aid. This is an enzyme, rather than a Polymer (clarifier) so instead of making the particles stick together, it will help by eating away at the particles. Or in worst case scenerio, use a product called flocculant (floc for short) this will make the particles heavier, which will cause them to sink to the bottom of the pool (usually works in about 12 hours, I tell customer to put it in before bed) then you just vaccuum it up. Be forwarned though that you will be cleaning your cartridges a lot during this process so it can be little tedious. That is the fastest way there is to clean up coudy water. Remember to always brush the sides of your pool weekly to prevent the algae, and shock it weekly as well. Good luck!