How to change my room a little ? Please help Make it more mature ?

Ok so I have a medium size room a big window to the side carpet all white furniture with a wood colored desk for my laptop to the Side of my bed I have a dresser onto

Of it on the wall are hooks with hats scarfs painting and purses etc. Next to the tv a chair with a huge stuffed dog on door a robe on a hook and a Jesse macartney poster on the door next to the door q library with a shelf ontop

Of it trophies and pictures ontop of the library there is a small board and a hannah Montana pillow journal then to the side of that there is my closet and a small desk where the bed is in the middle of the room with a big shelf on top of it with stuffed animals please help and no I can't paint even though I hate the paint on now and I can't buy anything please help fast :) oh and I'm only 12 turning 1:


*I'm the same age as you and my room is SO little kid-ish! :/ :/ Its had baby blue walls with little flowers and fairies and stuff on it with pink and purple bedding since kindergarten. I'm finally getting it redone . . . Here's what I've done:

*Take down the posters! Unless they're in a frame it's just weird. Especially if they're of a celebrity . . . No one does that anymore!

*No more Hannah Montana. Like none AT ALL. She's old news.

*Don't display the stuffed dog so boldly. It looks little kid-ish.

*Store the other stuffed animals. The less the better!

**You didn't mention what color your walls are . . . If they're REALLY little kid-ish, I'd suggest hanging up lots of pictures since you can't paint it.