Fourth fox captured at the home of the twins?

Sounds like a regular scavenging area for them - probably all from the same litter.

What a lovely little girl in the picture, i'm sure we all wish her and her sister a very speedy recovery.…


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It is good news about the little girl, and I hope the other twin joins her very soon.


Stop getting excited, the fur coat is promised to the twins mother but you can have the leftovers.




They will catch any amount of foxes if they are laying baited traps so what did you expect? Why aren't they laying rat traps as there are many more of them than foxes then there is the mice and cockroaches or is it because they are not seen as much then they don't exist. They are killing innocent animals and the best way to stop foxes hanging around is to stop leaving so much rubbish lying around, simple.


Hi Helen S

Urbanisation has encroached on wildlife territory. We have dustbins emptied only each fortnight. We have the blanket of rubbish from the fast food chains and - lo and behold! we are overrun with vermin.

The news about the fox attack on the babies has made and continues to make headlines because it is so unusual.

How many children have been savaged and killed by their family's pet dogs. Lovely dogs, of course, who were usually so gentle. Then we see photos of the savage brutes and wonder why they were ever allowed in a family home let alone near a child.

Another thought, why on earth was the fox allowed access to the family home? Were no precautions taken to make the children safe?

I also wish the children a speedy recovery but I hope we do not make a knee jerk reaction to a very rare occurrence.

Best wishes.


It's amazing who many foxes live in suburban areas. A couple of nights ago I was awoken at about 4.00 a.m. by a fox screeching and when I looked out of my bedroom window it was just siting in the middle of the road, with another for about 50 yards away.

Fortunately these two little girls won't remember the incident when they grow up and I sincerely hope that the bites ob the second twins face are not disfiguring.


Humans destroy animals hones and hunting grounds and then get all pissy when the animals fight back

Why is it ok to take over animals homes to make our own but when an animal does that to us we kill it?


awww I'm so pleased she's home, and hope her sister joins her soon